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  1. Very well said as it’s completely true. This is why introverts have more of a tough time when it comes to relating to people on a superficial level. I am an introvert and 21 years old, and it can be hard to relate to others when most people your age’s idea of fun is drinking and partying. It’s harder to reach common grounds to talk about on an outside level when you’re not interested in parties. But if I can explore the minds and life experiences of others through one on one, more meaningful conversation, we all have much more in common when it comes to our emotions and lessons from life experiences. Everyone suffers and has moments of triumph and joy as well, and sharing those experiences, we can all relate to those underlying feelings. A great insight Raam! I very much love your work and thank you for being an inspiration for many.

    • Thank you, Michael.

      Yes, we all share so much in common and one-on-ones help bring out those similarities more quickly than in a group-setting. And why is that? Maybe because in group settings we become more self-conscious, more aware of our differences and less inclined to take the risk of standing out even more. If we talk to a stranger standing in line at the coffee shop, we mention something trivial, like the weather or how the line is long. We wouldn’t dare talk about UFOs, or deep-seated thoughts about life and death because we’re afraid to stand out, to look silly. The reality is that deep down, we’re all so alike. We all share many of the same questions, concerns, fears, and hopes. Even across cultural and language barriers this is true (something I learned traveling to India in 2010–humans share more in common than meets the eye).

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