Looks like you may be confusing CC and BCC. CC WILL be visible in the header. If you want to BLIND CC, just take out

$headers[‘Cc’] = $cc;

and leave the recipients as is. That’s it.

Here’s my use case if this helps anyone, and I believe justifies a use for BCC. I use the BCC feature for my ordering feature, but not for mass email. When a user submits an order, PEAR kicks off an email receipt to them, and BCCs the sales dept. It’s good so the admin knows the instant an order is submitted. Also, If for some reason the user says they didn’t receive the receipt, or complain of a discrepancy in the text of the receipt, then we have an actual copy of the email that was sent to them, with their email address in the TO field. Keeps everybody honest and helps big time if any customer service issues pop up.

For mass email, like kicking out newsletters, I just use Outlook since I only need to do it intermittently. I COULD write code to do it, but it’s not worth the effort for how seldom I need to send stuff out in bulk. And with code, it wouldn’t be any easier than using outlook to send stuff out anyway.