I’ve just installed Google Earth 5 which forced the Google Software Updater to be installed. Like many, I searched for ways to remove this.

The Updater is installed in my home directory so I’ve used the command with the preceding ‘~’. However, I get this message and am wondering what it means and what I should do next.

Must specify package name or nuke
[–install PKG] Install keystone using PKG as the source.
[–root ROOT] Use ROOT as the dest for an install. Optional.
[–nuke] Nuke Keystone and tickets.
[–uninstall] Like nuke but do NOT delete the ticket store.
Only supported for a user install.
[–no-launchd] Do NOT touch Keystone launchd plists or jobs,
for both install and uninstall. For testing.
[–no-launchdjobs] Do NOT touch jobs, but do do launchd plist files,
for both install and uninstall. For testing.
[–force] Force an install no matter what. For testing.
[–forcetiger] Pretend we are on Tiger (MacOSX 10.4). For testing.
[–lockdown] Prevent Keystone from ever uninstalling itself.
[–interval N] Change agent plist to wake up every N sec
[–help] This message