The ONLY Google software I have on my Mac is the GMail Notifier. Does this cause the installer to be re-installed?

I tried to use the script, but this was after several attemps to remove the installer manually. So, there was no uninstaller in /Library/… but I did have it in my ~/Library/… and used that one.

Now, a couple weeks later, the bleeping POS is back! It was busted by LittleSnitch 🙂

I ran the uninstaller again, but I suspect that it will come back. Sigh!

I can’t believe that Google would do something like this. I f’ing hate them now and will be very very very hesitant to ever install any software from them.

It’s one thing for their software to install that devil software updater, but to not be able to remove it easily when NOT WANTED???. They have got to be friggin’ kidding!!! Morons!

Google is evil! They should change their motto.