Like some others here have mentioned, I Googled my way here after unexpectedly discovering “Google Software Update” in my Activity Monitor processess. I don’t routinely look at AM unless I have an issue that it might shed light on; in this occasion, I’d had an inexplicable “hang” — spinning beach ball — not dissimilar to the ones I experience when OS X’s Software Update is loading in the background. However, this hang lasted so long, I finally had to quit the applications I was in (Safari 4 Beta). This leads to a question or two….

Aside from the obvious issue of one’s lack of informed consent for the Google SU, does the covert install of GSU create any real problems in computer usage? (For example, might it be responsible for the spinning beachball?) What risks, if any, does it pose?

Please, do not consider my questions a challenge to your workaround or to any of the helpful clarifications here. I am most thankful to discover I’m not the sole person to wonder “what goes on here?”. But I must admit, I’m always a bit nervous about tinkering in Terminal and until I clearly understand the risks-to-benefits, I hesitate to open that Pandora’s Box. 😉