Speaking of gears grinding, I finally worked my way to the item on my To-Do list, “uninstall Gears”. From Terminal.app, I entered the Google-provided code and presto-change-o, all the Gears files vanished. I thought.

With Spotlight, I found a folder “Google Gears for Safari” at /Users/Me/Library/Application Support/Google, 4 items: geolocation.db, localserver.db, permissions.db, & another folder, wave.google.com.

(I do use Google Wave for certain collaborations with my colleages, but I didn’t sense that it ran any smoother after I’d installed Gears last November, than it did before I added Gears as a plug-in.)

So, is the above-described folder just harmless ghost goo left behind after uninstalling Gears, a necessary don’t-touch-it thingamy, or something else to toss in Trash?

BTW, Raam, this blog entry has had amazing longevity, hasn’t it? Best to you!