I have just run around the same issue. The funny thing is that Google creates an hidden folder in the libary folder with the Google updater. In my case it was the Android File Transfer application for connecting an android device to your Mac. I tried to delete the hidden folder, but every time you run the Google Android File Transfer application it reinstalls this updater. I find this way of intrusion into my system for something totally unimportant like this tool, which will not need any updates at all, because there is no options besides making MTP readable pretty unnecessary. Also the update intervals that run every few hours are ridiculous, besides being unasked for and even running in the background when the tranfer app is closed.

I found a program that automatically uninstalls the Google Updater and KEEPS it from reinstalling. This also mentions your website. Funny thing also Google makes it quite hard to even find this in their own search engine. I think Google just has gotten pretty arrogant in some aspects, like Yahoo! back in the days, due to their de facto monopoly, which is never a good thing for progress, because of lacking competition, which results in a lack of respect to their users.

Here you can find the uninstaller: