Hi Raam, thanks for your response. This is a new account I want to create. I also get asked for my telephone number on my other GMail accounts but I always decline that suggestion. I’ve never had an issue before in creating an account on GMail; none of my other accounts were ‘blocked’ from being created unless I added a phone number. This time I am not being allowed to proceed with opening an account until I put in a phone number, which I feel is quite invasive of a person’s privacy. DO you know if there any way I can work around this and create an account without needing to add in a phone number? Or would you be kind enough to try & open an account yourself, just to see if you are asked for a number before proceeding to the next stage? You don’t have to actually create a new account because you can cancel it before it is created, I am simply curious if this is being asked of everyone who now wants to create an account.