What an excellent list. I don’t need to write another word – ever – you’ve covered this subject so well!

I loved so many of them – but one stood out immediately, perhaps, because I’d read it incorrectly. I thought you’d written:

Anger is a dead energy – while you’d actually written: Anger is a dead end.

It really hit me because while dead end and dead energy sound similar – I work with energy as an intuitive, so I believe I saw this in a way that would speak to me.

A dead energy cannot “create” anything new. A dead energy has no “intelligence” behind it. A dead energy is just a “memory” that’s being replayed. A dead energy is “dark.”

I’ve been feeling a bit of anger lately since I had to make some major course corrections in my life and the anger’s been directed toward myself – which is usually the case for me. I think I really needed to read this today in order to “snap out of it!”

Thanks so much my friend. Time for me to live and create a new!