Hi Raam, I and the friends I live with share your dream, and to the best of our ability, we’re living this dream. We’ve created a “home for the lonely” and a place to “be long”. We want to truly learn what it really means to love one another. We are learning to grow in our compassion for each other and those around us. We home school our children and they take an active part of our life. We take care of our third world communities by importing the organic Yerba Mate tea they grow and selling it. We’re growing in our sustainability. We have organic farms and we grow healthy food for all of our communities so everyone has healthy food to eat(not just the farmers). We invite our neighbors and friends to eat with us(and anyone else who wants to see our life) We’re taking care of our elders and those with special needs, they are cared for and are able to share in this life by doing what they are able to do to contribute to the whole. We live simply(even though we can be complicated at times) so that others may simply live. We share what we have so there is no lack and we all have what we need. I hope that you and your family can visit our communities and see for yourselves what its like. Leave no stone unturned in this life, as we never know what treasure we’ve walked past unknowingly. I value our friendship Raam and I hope that at some point to have the incredible honor of seeing you. I’m always grateful for how you put you heart into your writing. Please don’t stop writing.