Hi Ross,

I can see how this post could be misunderstood as me leaving the third world, but that’s absolutely not the case. I plan to continue traveling indefinitely, living simply and frugally as a nomad and using the power of the Internet to connect and communicate.

Traveling around the world enables me to see firsthand the changes that are needed and I think it’s the best way for me to determine where I should put my energy. I’ve added a sentence to the last paragraph of the post to hopefully clear up any misunderstanding.

I absolutely agree with your point about creating value in the first world and returning it to the third world — and that’s exactly the strategy I intend to follow (now I just need to figure out how exactly that’s going to work and start recruiting people who want to help).

About your comment on being on foot: I don’t think I am only powered by one person — the Internet changes all of that. One person, living in a poor remote country can change world if they simply have access to the Internet.