Is this your first journey to a foreign country? I cant help thinking that you need to travel more. India is a very extreme example of a part of life. First world people are also coddled and are easily shocked by how people live in countries other than first world. Theyre not used to a life where you arent given everything.

Its a good idea to find out the back story of each country and poverty level. Why is it like that? How did it start? What caused it? Why in some countries and not others?

There are different levels of poverty and having grown up in a third world country and then moved to two first world countries, I understand the huge rift between these two worlds.

Im trying to get at something here that is evading me.

I guess, controversially, I think that some levels of poverty are a result of choice and not circumstance. By that I mean, we often find ourselves in less than desirable states because we dont know how to live better.

It boils down to education. I dont think drop shipping boxes of food to undernourished nations is the answer. Teaching people how to take care of themselves is.

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for the rest of his life”.

Id like to learn the skills of survival so I can teach them to people who are struggling to survive. If you grow your own food, you dont need to beg for money to buy food.