Thanks for your post. One question that comes to my mind when considering your situation is what you could do that would have the most leverage. Reporting on poverty conditions and people’s life circumstances as you travel is powerful. And I wonder what more is possible.

I don’t think you need to “return to the first world,” build your empire, then return the wealth to the third world. That’s like saying if you want to play baseball, stop playing for 10 years and go lift weights and practice your swing, then come back. You gotta be in it to get a sense of where the leverage points are, and how you can be instrumental in uplifting people’s lives, one life at a time if need be.

One thing that does come to mind that could help clarify the situation is the work of various philosophers and researchers whose work focuses on the ways that individuals and cultures develop. People like Ken Wilber and Don Beck have influenced my thinking enormously around questions of poverty and cultural development. I’d recommend checking them out.

Anyways, I’m totally with you, I think your journey is awesome, and thanks for sharing it.