Sandra, thank you so much for the comment.

I’m constantly reminded of Gandhi and how much he impacted the world. He lived his wisdom and set an example for others to follow. I think that’s the best way to induce change in the world: to start with ourselves and set an example for others to follow (if they so wish to).

As you said, we’re all interdependent on this planet. Everything I do affects others in the world in some way. If what I’m doing is conducive to sustainable abundance, then one way or another I will be having a positive affect on the world.

I think India is indeed a striking example of the contrast between poverty and wealth. But like you said, it’s not the only place. I plan to continue traveling to various parts of the world to observe how abundance is being used or misused.

I think I can really do good in the world by gaining a firsthand experience, bringing what I see to the forefront, and doing what I can to work towards improving the situation.
Thank you so much for reading!