Hi Raam,

I just came across your blog from Everett’s Twitter link. I liked your blog, especially the post on ‘Attitude is Everything’.

I am an Indian living in Chennai, southern India. Every day I see the poverty and the filth around me on the streets and I wish to do something to turn things around.

Poverty in India is only compounded by ignorance and attitude.

Ignorance – Our government (local, regional or national) does very little to do their job and inform the citizens. What I mean to say is, does being poor mean one has to be in filthy conditions?

Attitude – we have a very strong ‘NIMBY’ approach which is adversely impacting our environment, people and the way business is done. We are considered smart if we know how to bend the laws. And the rich can do anything.

Idea – would it not be wonderful if a Rs.1 contribution each from 1 billion citizens and expatriates was collected to form a prize that will go to the best kept city in India, to improve it further for the urban dwellers?

As of now and on my part, I contribute to NGOs.