Raam, Your posts are timeless. I remember reading this years ago when you wrote it but I must have gotten distracted and never wrote a response. I had to wipe a few tears from my eyes this time(and probably the first time I read it as well). It brought back vivid memories of being in third world countries and asking myself the same questions that you asked. Why am I here having a coffee in an air conditioned place when there’s beggars outside with no food or water? It caused me to question what am I living for back then and it still does. These memories never leave me they just get put back on the shelf. But I don’t want to just put them back on the shelf anymore, I want to treasure them and I want to have an unending gratitude for the life I’ve been given and to let that gratitude spread to others so as to make their life better. I’m very grateful for our friendship and how you’ve affected my life for the better. I wish that at some point our paths could cross…….but until then thank you my friend.