It was a pleasant surprise to come across this post.

As usual, great work. It seems you have a gift.

Over the years, there have been innumerable examples of creative people who have experienced “stream of consciousness” work. For example, a writer becomes a vessel which holds water…and the water starts to flow. Without any let or hindrance.
Almost as if the water has a mind of its own.

This state of flow is not limited, by the way, to only “creative” types. It has been widely reported by professional athletes as well. Michael Jordan has often talked about it: “I was in the zone.” Time stands still when you are in the zone…and once you start to flow, words mix with ideas and a writer creates magic.
A writer’s pen becomes a magic wand and, like a magician, the writer churns out material, page after page, and forgets to eat, drink and use the rest-room.

Have I experienced this? You bet, but only when I trust the subconscious, that witch who creates magic potions. At other times, I have been stumped when I have tried to force my writing. And writer’s block is a reality for many of us creative blokes too–not because we are lazy or making excuses. That’s why creativity is a mistress with both quirks and charms.