Beautiful analogy – something I’ve been feeling. With no reigns on the ego one day is enough to destroy a whole lifetime.

Then, we all crave the freedom, so what to do?

I feel very weighted down by my relationship and several times over the past years, months and day I’ve been thinking about going solo, at least practically. I’m very unsure about it because I’m not clear on the reasons I want to do this or exactly what is making me feel so suffocated.

Just this morning I’ve been looking at tickets to Thailand, Sydney… anywhere I have a possibility of survival.

I chose this weight. I’ve never really been happy as a single person – I’ve either been in a relationship or looking to be in one. I really want to experience life as an independent, happy person for a while.

The fact is that my relationship offers me a large degree of financial security, as bad as that sounds (and is), although I have been holding my own with some money saved. But as a struggling freelancer… what then?

Nice post Raam. Nothing to add really except you’ve made a great point. I hope every aspiring minimalist reads this, it will prepare them a little perhaps.