Thanks, Ali!

There are certain things we just need to look at and determine if we’re willing to compromise and sacrifice to hold onto them (I think this is especially true for relationships). When one side gets too unwilling to compromise, or when we discover we’re not ready to sacrifice something that’s asked of us, then we have no choice but to make the tough decisions (one of my prior relationships ended because she wanted more than I was ready to commit to; it was very tough, but I knew in my heart how far I was willing to go at this point in my life).

I’ve been exactly like you for most of my adult life, but now I feel the need to be independent and follow my inner compass until I’ve learned enough about who I am that I feel ready to share it with someone else. My inner compass has led me so many places that I never thought I’d go and as a result, every time I thought I’ve known who I was I ended up proving myself wrong.

I say go with the flow and follow your heart (it may sound cliche, but it actually works).