Hi Raam,
You keep writing so beautifully you have a best selling book inside of you for sure.

Personally, as a long term hiker I feel a bit naked without my backpack even when I am not in the hills.

In the hills, most times I hike solo so I always carry the essentials with me. My lady says I may carry too much but it still feels right. I always have some weight on my back it becomes a natural part of my movement.

Like in your analogy, my life is never totally stress free with family responsibilities, business responsibilities, friends having difficulties around me so I look for the positive in the situation and see it as useful ‘Eustress’ and help out when I can.

Indeed, in my life I constantly update myself as to how I can better live more at peace and this is what helps me in my daily work with clients looking for ways to handle stress or grow their business and I believe all this helps me grow as a person too.

As someone once said ‘we are here to help make other people’s load lighter’.

Enjoy a wonderful day,