“Minimalist aspirations must be accompanied with a willingness to accept responsibility for the freedoms we inherit. Otherwise, minimalism is nothing more than a selfish attempt at tricking life into giving us more than we deserve.”

This has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I will admit to wanting to boycott some sites because my feeling is that the “freedom” they discuss is entirely based on the self. There is freedom in giving up/postponing your needs for the needs of someone you are responsible for, someone you love. It’s called freedom from the self, from the ego, and from the “I” and the “me.” In some religious/spiritual traditions it’s believed that it is only after the obliteration of the “I” that wisdom or oneness is achieved. Obviously that’s not going to happen to most of us anytime soon and I’m not talking about being a doormat and completely ignoring one’s own needs, but this constant focus on WHAT I WANT is really grating on me. And to be honest, it’s not the focus of my minimalism. I practice minimalism for a lighter presence on the earth. For a closer understanding of my faith. And finally for an easier existence free of unnecessary materials. This post was just what I needed. Sorry for the long comment!