We almost lost ya for a second there Raam – don’t be breaking your legs or getting paralyzed on us!

I response to the idea of letting (almost) too much go so you don’t have the burden:

People are quick to assume that living minimally is that you get rid of everything but, to me, it’s more of a frugal mentality, you only keep what’s necessary and you make the conscious decision to gain items that will have substantial impact on your life – it could weigh you down but because you’ve aligned your philosophy and logical decision – it’s a great addition.

It also reminded me about mental baggage. In my mind, although it sounds really odd: I actually enjoy that fact that I’ve experienced tough times and I don’t just let them go because they’ve been such a character builder for me.

Life has its ups and down; most people just want the ups but don’t notice that the downs allow you to always build back up and enjoy of having “the experience” of life.

If that makes sense; it’s early -_-