Raam –

Wonderful insights. I think you nailed it when you said “Instead of dropping the weight and getting high on freedom — whether it’s freedom from expectations, material possessions, lifestyle commitments, or a backpack — we need to ask ourselves why we’re freeing ourselves and what we’re going to do with that freedom.”

I think awareness, reflection, and self-examination is a lost practice for most of our culture. We hear buzz-words and labels like “minimalism” and “minimalist” and tend to automatically think about them in very shallow terms. Many fail to understand that minimalism, at its core, is a philosophy; and philosophies require reflection and intention when being implemented. It’s what separates philosophies like yoga from activities like stretching. Yeah, you may receive some of the surface benefits just by going through the motions, but the real life change happens when you start to understand what’s under the hood.

Great post as always. Lots to think about.