Hi Bart,

I think it’s a viable way of living so long as we become inwardly independent but outwardly open-minded and collaborative. I think right now we’re doing the exact opposite… we let others think for us and then we try to be physically and emotionally independent. That’s not sustainable.

Physical and emotional independence isn’t necessarily bad, but too much definitely is — how much I think varies from one person to another. For me, independence on all levels feels like a viable way of living, but I know that means I need to work on the collaboration and cooperation end of the spectrum. I’m good at thinking for myself, but not so good with letting others shoulder the weight or helping me with things.

For me, putting out comes naturally but taking in needs work and that’s partly why I put so much effort into these comments. They help me work on a part of myself that I know needs improvement.

So, is living an independent life sustainable? Yes, so long as we’re also willing to work with others and remain open-minded. If we’re independent but not willing to grow and learn, we may as well be resting in a coffin (then we’d really be independent!).