Dan, thank you for the comment and for adding value here!

It’s really incredible what listening can do, not only for those around us, but for ourselves! It forces us to turn off the egotistical part of our mind and forces ourselves to be a little more humble.

I often think about how things were before the advent of modern communication — how much more people actually spoke to each other, in person, in the flesh and how more thought was placed on the words that were spoken.

I used to gain a taste of that when I went camping alone for a few days and spoke to no one, not even myself, for several days at a time. After returning, words, interaction, and communication all felt more sacred.

But back to your point about listening. I think if we slow down a little and try to be more present in each moment, that we automatically end up listening more carefully and our conversations become more rewarding and beneficial to both sides.

Thank you again for extending the topic!