Hey Raam. I don’t believe in success or failure – both are false concepts, probably so prevalent because of the social conditioning that makes up a good part of our minds.

There is so much more to life than what we assume. People who achieve their goals sometimes feel like failures. People hurt themselves and others and sometimes call that success because they don’t look at the big picture.

I love the proverb that talks about a horse that runs away from a family. “That’s bad,” they said. It came back with 50 wild horses. “That’s good,” they said. The son rode one and it bucked, he broke his arm. “That’s bad,” the said. The country went to war and the boy was drafted, but he got out of it because of his arm. “That’s good,” the said.

It’s all about being, doing, sharing, growing, loving – that’s what I gather.

Life is destined, we’ll have what’s entitled to us, and achieve enough.

So true that we recognize successes in others, not failures. I love movies. Love actors who become famous in their 50’s. How many years of ‘failure’ did they push through?

Oh – and you’ll never top even one of your posts. When things are real, not contrived, they’re perfect and unbeatable. To someone.