Hi Raam,

I enjoyed reading your experiences when you got back to the US and of course, you will be reflecting on what you have seen and lived through during your overseas travels.

Bill has posed some excellent questions and statements, of which this really stood out to me: “But at the end of the day, we all know that seeing the majority of world’s population come up to Western standards of living is NOT the answer. It’s unsustainable. But it is likely unavoidable to some extent. This just puts the impetus on the Western world to start dialing back its lifestyle — whether voluntarily or by force (the likely scenario as crap hits the fan) — so the World Community can meet somewhere in the middle. But how do you do THAT?”

There is no doubt that we are priviledged, but does it really behoove those of us to lower our own standards and passions because we won the lottery of living in the Western world? There will always be people who have more in life and those who don’t. People who have more intellect than others. Who are fitter than others. Who are more socialable than others. Who are happier than others. Those who are in perfect health while others are fighting for their life. There are tons of inequalities in life. Life is unfair. Given that, I think you can only handle what you can handle in life and make changes that have a greater impact than just your own life.