As I was thinking about this recession and this moment in the U.S. history, I think this is a very teachable moment for the citizens of America. We’ve finally experienced some semblance of hardship here, which is a great lesson for many people. We’re too use to spending on credit or other people’s money. In other countries, spending money you haven’t made is a foreign concept. So with this downturn, maybe Americans can finally learn to live within their means. Whats fascinating to me is the media and political reactions resulting from all this. All I’ve been seeing is Politicians being blamed for problems and a desire to get back to how things use to be. In a way we have the chance to be happy with “downsizing” and embrace it, but I do not think that is happening yet. Instead, we feel like scapegoating and rejecting this reality. It may be awhile before enough of us can see how we’ve been living is unsustainable.