Bill, thank you so much for your thoughtful contribution! This is why I love blogging!

You touched on so many important points that I could write whole blog post on them (and maybe I should…). The part that really hit me though was what you said about finding a way to meet the World Community at the middle in the face of things like keeping/finding a job, putting food on the table, etc. Those things are going to remain important to us no matter how much we want to help and give.

Now that I’m back in the States I’m seeing that myself, both with my own needs and with my family. I see everyone around me working so hard… and for what? To pay the bills to feed themselves (and now me), to keep the roof over their head, etc. At the same time, I do see a lot of excess waste. I see a lot of things that people are working to maintain even though they’re never using them. Big yards that eat up more time and money being maintained than actually being used. Multiple cars that with sacrificing a little convenience could be reduced to one. And so on.

So I think that responsibility and actually taking the initiative — being the leader — is so important. Everyone can follow, but everyone can also lead. When we lead, we become the instigators and change happens. Then that change spreads because other people love following leaders. The end goal should be that everyone is a self-contained leader who understands the challenges and voluntarily makes the necessary sacrifices and choices to make a positive difference. Like you said, every one of us has our talent — there’s something all of us do well. When we discover what that is, we can use that to make a difference. And since we’re good at it, we will end up enjoying the process.