Hi Varuni,

I think that pure passion and dedication, on any level, do far greater good than misplaced and misguided efforts! I think education, especially education for children, is an incredible way to contribute, so thank you for everything you’re doing.

I also hear your frustration with government policies. I’m beginning to think that we need to forget governments even exist and focus on mobilizing ourselves to make change happen. I see these governments and their broken policies as a huge distraction and vacuum for energy and human potential. We don’t need them if we can come together to make things happen. There has never been a better opportunity for that to happen than there is now. (Think about it, you’re in India, I’m in the USA and we’re discussing these topics… what part do our governments play in this? Nothing!)

Of course it’s easier to say than do. It requires immense effort, passion, vision, and drive. But I think we’re ready. The time is right for the ball to start rolling in the right direction.