Hi Rangadevi,

Your comment leaves a lot to think about!

I think we’re all connected in many different ways and that we all, at the most basic level, desire the same thing. I also agree that we’re all spiritual beings, however I don’t think we’re living in a spiritual world, or a spiritual era. We’re living in a material era of technological innovation, advancement, and discovery. I think this is an important distinction because it gives us a way to understand why there is a disconnect from that spiritual realm.

It’s one thing to reconnect with our spiritual selves and realize that we aren’t this material body. But our material body will still be inhabiting this physical world and we will still be responsible for acting out this drama. That’s why, for me personally, I try not to focus too heavily on the spiritual stuff and focus more on practical, real-world implementation. I think there is so much we can do right here, right now, without focusing solely on attaining enlightenment.

The example I always use in my head when i think about these things is the story of Buddha. The story says that he sat under the Bodhisattva tree until he reached enlightenment. But what does the story say he did after that? He got up and spent the remainder of his time on Earth helping and serving people.

If when someone reaches enlightenment, they realize that life is about helping and serving others, why shouldn’t we be focusing on doing that right now?

Just my thoughts! Thank you so much for sharing yours! 🙂