Hey Raam,
This post provoked varied thoughts and feelings within me that I won’t be able to properly elaborate in one comment. Having grown up in Kenya where contrast is part of daily life, and also having travelled to the more developed parts of the world, I understand your sentiments.

However, I think that the solution to helping poorer people to improve the state of their external environment is not something that can be created, packaged and implemented in one go. From the comments I have read it seems as though a solution will come to us one day and then the world will be a much better place the next day.

I have thought about it for a long time too, and I used to think that the answer would come in one big solution but now I see that the combination of many small actions (like what you are doing with your blog and ebook) culminate in visible change after a while.

What Im saying is that change/ progress is a process and it is in choosing to do good daily that we create positive impact. So even though we may not see the impact of our actions immediately and in a big way now, when we look back in hindsight after some time we will notice the actual quantum change.

We can continue talking on skype/ gtalk if you are up to it.