Great thoughts, Evan! I think you hit on so many important points: our situation affects us, we’re social-individuals as well as individual-individuals (so true!), and people need to see they’re making a real difference.

I think it’s difficult for many people to do things based solely on the faith that they’re helping the world (that’s exactly the way I am: I need to see and feel things for myself before they feel real). But like you said in the beginning of your comment, the magic happens when we discover how our unique potential can be used to connect with and help others. I’m very much discovering that for myself right now.

I was already somewhat aware of my unique potential, but I didn’t know who I should be focusing on connecting it with. My six month trip overseas changed that!

I think one reasons why it’s such a challenge for us adults to discover our unique potential is because we were never trained for it as children. I think there is a lot that can be done to improve the way children are educated and prepared for the world. They need to be trained to hone in, focus on, and develop their unique potential. Once they’ve found that, I think the helping people and connecting (the social part) comes naturally. Just think about anyone who has “found their passion”… they’re already using their passion to connect with others and improve the world around them.