Thank you for continuing the discussion, Jarkko! Great thoughts!

I really think education is the key area where we might be able to help. I’m thinking along the lines of using technology to connect people (those who need education to those who have the knowledge to educate). Not just people in developing worlds, but everywhere. And not just using technology, but also in person.

I think there’s a lot we can all do to empower ourselves, a lot we can do to improve our capacity to educate and convey ideas to those around us. In addition to blogging, I feel like I could motivate a lot of people if I was able to share my stories and ideas in a public speaking venue. But I’m terrible at public speaking and I’m an introvert who likes staying quiet. But that shouldn’t be an excuse not to work towards changing that, so I’m going to join my local Toastmasters and start working on public speaking!

If we identify things about ourselves that we can improve, things that when improved will increase our potential to help others, then we can all become leaders in this movement to a better world. That doesn’t mean that we should all become public-speaking aficionados, but I think it means we should never give up improving ourselves and looking for ways that we can become more capable of helping. For some people, that might mean learning how to blog and use Twitter. For others it might be public-speaking.
I think this is what it means to “help ourselves to help the world”.

By improving ourselves with an end goal of being more helpful to others, we automatically set an example for others to follow. But making the decision to improve ourselves is the easy part (after all, it benefits us). The hard part, I think, is putting that potential into action and using it to help others.