Hi Deborah,

Thank you for your comment and for your work and life as a teacher and a mother.

This post was a description of how I felt returning to the United States after spending six months in a developing country. I certainly don’t believe everyone living in the West is bored or that we should all quit our jobs, sell our stuff, and start traveling the world. However, we are extremely privileged in the West and my observations tell me that we’re being far more selfish than we should be. We’re generating enormous amounts of needless waste while billions of people are struggling to survive.

While traveling through India, I observed so many things that seemed to cause people to live a more relaxed life. If the power went out, it wasn’t the end of the world. Traffic rules were not so strict that a robot could easily follow them. Everything felt more “natural”, as opposed to orchestrated and manufactured. Is the more natural way a healthier way to live? Is it a more sustainable way to live? I think so. I think we’re manufacturing too much of our lives here in the West and that those manufactured lifestyles are being reinforced by the media and social customs that we’re brought up to believe are true and correct.

I often write about my observations here on this blog, observations from my very limited perspective. I’m certainly not assuming that I have a complete picture of how things work or that my observations tell the whole story. My measly 29 years of life experience could never compare to the experience of someone like yourself. And that’s why I love that you wrote your thoughts here. I hold a lot of respect for those elder to me and I know I have much to learn.