What “good” can we do? We need to be mindful that the definition of “good” for some of us is from the perspective of our minds from privileged countries. I think we can all agree that people should not be starving to death, dying in the cold or heat for lack of shelter, or because of preventable diseases or sickness, or die in the hands of a cruel criminal or oppressive groups or governments or oppressed by their corrupted governments. This to me is where the need is and I hope when someone says “equality,” it does not mean to make them become like the “privileged” because as we have seen in this post and these comments many of the privileged ways are not worth striving for but instead to be thrown away. Let us leave that to them when and if they should come to that point. We have our own problems as privileged and let’s hope they learn from what they see. Or will it be inevitable that this is the course that they take?

In the meantime, the list of tasks above, though by no means a complete list, is a good starting point. The charities crying out for donation (late at night when one is before the TV contemplating his or her purpose in life) to prevent hunger get it, if not partially. I hope they are trying to also teach them how to fish rather than just give the fish. Like the teacher giving the kids education. The Peace Corps gets it. (I hope to join them in a few years when I have settled all the issues I have weaved myself into in this privileged world.) Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and on and on and on. Not to say that these organizations is the answer because obviously the problems still exist. Maybe they don’t have enough resources. Maybe not enough volunteers. Or in some cases, hopefully what I hear is not true, administration costs eating up too much of the donations. Not enough whatever it is they need to change a corruptive way of life.
Isn’t this is where we come in? Do we donate? Do we volunteer? Do we go to these places and share our talents? All of the above? Or should we work on ourselves so that we can come to that point where parting with some of our wealth, time, and talent is not charity but doing justice? To that point where love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness is the way? To be the change in the world. So that as Raam brings awareness to all of us about this issue, we truly feel and know what he means by: “Your privileges and good fortunes give you immense power. How you choose to use those privileges and that power is entirely up to you. What life means is up to you. Make life mean something. Start now.”

Ohh. So much things to be done.

Thank you Raam for a beautiful you and this beautiful project.