Earl is very true with those last words of surviving by charging more. Let me as an Indian add an extra something here. We bargain a lot with the street vendors here, everywhere its very common and natural. Even they know about it ans so keep higher rates for us as well but its practically obvious even to them that a foreigner in our soil just means he’s got some more money to come visit us and so he adds a few more bucks for that occasional profit. Its just like an incentive to them.

Raam, your curiosity is the right answer to this. Maybe its like what makes him come here to our place? What is so special here than there? Then we look at your clothes and then wonder, is life different there? In a city it is different because people of different kinds stay but in the village you never see a local walk out in shorts (unless he’s out to play) and trying to get used to the foreign atmosphere. That adds to the stares. Infact, me being an Indian from Mumbai people used to stare at me initially but it was more of glances and nothing more because the colour still isn’t foreign!

I guess I made my point! Spoke too much infact! 😛 😉