Raam! Just finished reading the book over Thai food after riding 30 days on my bicycle from Boulder to Nelson BC 1435 heart wrenching miles. I feel like Ive burned off three lifetimes of karma in sweat! Thank you for making this happen and for sending me a reminder about contributing, because it was the perfect moment when you sent the email to nudge me forth…and thanks to everyone who contributed, you guys and gals have rocked the universe with practical ideas to make a difference, so let’s put this to use and go for it. I’m happy to report Ive been a 260 pound vegan since 1992, so Ive got a heads up on all those suggestions and I can’t imagine eating animals again as a way of survival, but I generally have stopped preaching to the indoctrinated meat eaters, it’s like telling smokers to quit, they just get angry…but glad to see Im not alone in my sentiments. The energy comes from the sun into plants through photosynthesis, if you eat the plant you get pure radiant cosmic energy, but if you eat the animal who just ate the plant, you get already been chewed on backwash energy from the sun! Who would want to spend 8 hours digesting a steak and feeling like a rock in your intestines when you can bike up mountains instead? LOL