Thank you Raam, I have become a big fan of your blog and the thought-provoking topics you explore.

I traveled around the US for about 2 years and was forced by the Divine to gradually scale down. I moved from my home to a college apartment, left the apartment and moved into a VW van. The van broke down and we took only what could fit on our backpacks. We traveled to Key West where our backpacks were stolen within the first 4 hours of being there. We were left with only the items we carried on our bodies. I lived for more than a month on $20 one time (this was done with a considerable compromise of cleanliness however)

One of the biggest realizations that I had while living on the road was how much we miss while driving. The land and people of an area are full of poetry and stories, but while speeding down the highway we hear none of it.