Hi Sandra,

The affect computers and technology has on our health is of great interest to me as well. When I was younger, a doctor discovered that I have a rare sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation — I can actually feel Microwaves and X-Rays passing through me (I cannot stand in front of a microwave when it’s on without feeling pain).

I’ve often wondered if that’s one of the reasons I feel so healthy and clear-headed after I return from a weekend camping trip. Is spending an average of eight to ten hours a day in front of a computer having a long-term negative impact on my health (other than the obvious impact of being immobile for long periods of time)?

I see that the future is full of technology whether I like it or not, and even if it’s discovered that technology and electro-magnetic pollution is the cause for many health problems, we’ll still find ways to use technology to continue advancing civilization. I guess I’ve accepted that if you can’t beat them (the advancement of technology), you may as well join them (and be a leader in finding the best way to make use of technology). 🙂

I’d love to continue this discussion and I expect to be researching and writing more on this topic in the future!

Thank you for the comment and bringing up such an important topic. 🙂