Hi Christy,

I think we’ll discover as time moves on and travel continues to evolve that people start traveling with less. When you think about it, humans have only been flying in airplanes for a little more than 100 years. If you take into account commercial airlines and air travel on a mass scale, its been even less time! I think we’re still learning as a civilization that we don’t need to bring everything plus the kitchen sink with us when we travel. Before plane, you had to bring lots of stuff with you — you might not be back for several weeks and your destination might not have everything you need. That’s no longer the case!

With regards to my plan: I will continue living as a minimalist digital nomad and keeping my possessions to a bare minimum. I’m going to return to the States to visit family for a few weeks and then I will likely travel around the USA for a month or two before heading back out (no idea where yet!). 🙂