Thanks Jarkko!

I think we can all find creative ways to use technology to minimize waste and excess in our lives. In fact, I’m inclined to say that we have a responsibility to utilize technology to reduce our physical waste. But at the same time, it’s understandable that some people may not want to, for example, switch to an entirely digital library — physical books are easier on the eyes and provide a tangible item to hold in our hands.

However, I think we can find and use services like to reduce the excess waste of paper, or switch to electronic bank statements instead of getting them in the mail every month. Simple things like that go a long way to improving the environment and technology has made them so easy to apply.

Location independence is great for some people, but I think it only makes sense if you’re actually happier being on the move. Most people that I know wouldn’t be able to handle the inconveniences or even the mental challenges of uprooting themselves and constantly leaving behind familiarity, and if that’s the case then I certainly wouldn’t suggest they force themselves to try!

But like you said, being location independent and actually traveling are two different things. You can strive to have freedom to move whenever you want without actually making use of that freedom and moving. 🙂