Being able to work from various locations and taking advantage of that ability definitely leads to a realization of how little you need. I think the transition to my current lifestyle was really pushed along by the hours of time I spent working from various coffee shops. Whenever I moved from one cafe to another, or from the cafe back to the office, everything was on my back. That eventually lead to the thought of, What more do I really need?

As I started to ask that question, I began to see all the possessions that were sitting at home, largely unused, as a total waste. They were just taking up space and restricting my ability to really move my whole life to a new location.
I’m not married and I don’t even have a girlfriend, so I can’t really make any suggestions there. I think more than anything though, there needs to be a mutual desire for travel and/or simplistic living. And if even that isn’t even there, compromise is the only alternative. 🙂