You were in KLIA !!!! I’m from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and I’m studying in Boulder CO right now. I actually came here from Sandi’s blog/interview with you.

There is a Native American tribe I believe that practices an anti-materialism custom yearly, though I can’t remember where I read the article.

Every year, this tribe collects and burns up everything they own. Every year they get rid of their possessions and start over.

I feel that what you’re doing is so so brave. So many glamorize travel but minimalistic travel is somewhat a dirty concept/the ugly duckling still.

My blog challenge is to do one thing everyday that scares me and one of my initiatives this week will be reducing everything I own by 10%. Ie: I have 80 books, I’ll be getting rid of 8. 15 shirts, giving away 2.

I’m going to do this bi yearly purging exercise to remind myself of what’s important, not to contribute to consumerism, and to keep as simple as lifestyle as possible.

Thank you for the inspiration!!!!!!