I have a copy of a Crumpler that I picked up in Vietnam when my other bag was stolen, it has lasted me a few years now and will hopefully survive the 7 month trip this year.
The things I find handy to add to my kit are a hammock and a really lightweight sleeping bag, although I gave my sleeping bag away and am finding it hard to replace it with something that packs up so small (it was incredible, bought from a Blacks camping store in the UK and packed into 15 x 8 cm when compressed up).
I do have a feeling that we are very privileged to live at a junction in time when all of this is possible, from the networks use to the hi-tech materials our luggage is made from. It also helps to come from a place where people don’t question so much why we are wandering about the globe on such a whim,
This year we’re heading to S.America then to N.Z and Australia, back to Europe when the bluebells dust the woods and the summer festivals start next year. It’s a tough life :0)