I had a Reliance Netconnect card that a friend in India helped me get (he used his name on the account because they needed a physical address, then I just gave him the money). The card worked really well in most places. There were a few times when I went outside the cities to more rural areas (as in the jungle) and it didn’t work there at all. Free WiFi can be found in the cities, but once you leave the cities the most you’ll usually find are non-free (slow!) Internet cafes.

I got really good at putting my FiveFingers on, so it really wasn’t very much of an inconvenience. Going through security is only a one-time thing and a lot of airports (in Nepal for example) don’t even ask you to remove your shoes (instead they empty your entire bag and go through every single item at five different security checkpoints!).
A bigger issue I discovered with wearing the FiveFingers, especially in India, was that a lot of temples required removing my shoes and leaving them outside. A lot of times I was afraid someone would steal them — they get plenty of attention when they’re on my feet, so I imagine they’d disappear pretty quick if I left them outside.