Lovely post.

Thanks for the checklist (ha!). I usually forget my essential 25, and have like 5 essentials and 30 items of nonsense (two sticks of deodorant, zero boxer shorts).

I love your line about “drying your clothes by coconuts” and so forth. Isn’t there a pleasure (almost a luxury), in that elegant simplicity?

The weed comment cracks me up, too. You don’t look stressed, you don’t shave as often…

I also *love* Terry’s comment about Eat, Pray, Love. Something about your traveling “to be” and “delight” is so much richer than the other. (A), we begin okay, loved because we’re human. Traveling is a mode of childlike exploration; (B), we travel to become okay, and everything is part of our journey is really ego trippin’…that said I know many people were inspired by EPL, but I like your story better.

What did you end up thinking?

Wish I’d read this earlier!