Hi there. To me that is way more than 25 “things”, I sounds and look more close to a hundred plus all the programs, songs, photos, apps, contacts, websites…. It sounds like the opposite to minimalist to me. But thats me. I live in sweden and was brought up in a house 4-6 months a year with no running water, no electricity. To me it looks like a minor office and you have no means of making your own food, like a stove or a knife wich obviously would be my first two choices in a minimalist world. Im still going to continue reading even if you generally have uppsett me with what sound like a comercial when you even name your clothes by the brand! who cares about what brand of pants you got? I thought a minimalist didnt put that much affeccion in each item, instead your boast about your items and they sound so important that its more like the opposite to minimalism. Pardon my bad english. Thanks!