Hi Aksello,

The focus in someone’s life determines how they apply minimalism. For me, my focus is travel and digital augmentation. If I can replace a physical item with a digital one (to save physical space and Earth’s resources), then I will do so. Owning a stove when my focus is world travel wouldn’t make sense, since I can simply make use of the items in whatever location I arrive at. As a minimalist, the things I do own should be of quality that will last a long time so that I’m not constantly throwing things out and replacing them (again, to save Earth’s resources). When I need to replace something, I will look for a second-hand item, an item that has already been used (instead of buying something new), but I will not use something just because it’s the cheapest item, as that encourages the production of more “cheap” items, which creates waste.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 🙂