I still dont see the point of giving us the name of each clothing brand. From my point of view that only shows that you might have few items with you, but you put more value to each item, so it they break or get lost then it will cause more problem. The way do go is to tell us for example: One t-shirt, sandal, one pair of pants etc. And the way your mention the world resource is wierd as if wearing a certain brand would help? I argue that not beeing concerned about any brands should help more with the worlds resource. Then you wouldnt have to put in that extra effort into finding that specific brand, by getting to a specific store, shipping across the world, and the marketing of that brand that the company has done, all these things lead up to more resources beeing spend than if you just would have gotten the very first item that passed you by. But we live in a world full of vanity, so I totelly understand you, its just not minimalism. The munks who only travel with one piece of cloth to cover them and a set cutlery and a mug, thats the way to go!!